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Oilfield Pumps


Wrangler Rentals understands the challenging demands your industry faces each day on the job. By providing high performance, heavy-duty equipment, Wrangler clients can tackle those challenges head-on with complete confidence.

Choose from our fleet of high quality oilfield pumps designed for oilfield, pipeline, construction, and more.

Different sizes available upon request.

Trash Pump

Wrangler Rentals supplies only heavy-duty and high performing trash pumps to your project:

4" Trash Pumps
2" Trash Pumps
Dual Voltage 230V/460V

Flygt Pump

Wrangler Rentals supplies dependable wastewater solutions to your project:

4" Flygt Pumps
2" Flygt Pumps

Transfer Pump

Wrangler Rentals supplies leak-free transfer pumps to move fluid on your project with confidence: