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Surface Rental Tanks


Your surface tanks are critical to the safe performance of your work site. You need guaranteed storage solutions that won’t risk the environment or your staff.¬†Wrangler Rentals supplies project specific tanks engineered to contain the fluids extracted or produced on your site. Our experienced and safety trained operators oversee the complete delivery and haul of your tanks so you can keep focused on getting the project done.

Floc Tanks

300-600 bbl. capacity
Steam lines
3 and 4 compartments
Low and high side designs
Suction lines
Guardrails, stairs and walkways for safe maneuvering

High & Low Side Shale Bins

Low Side Bin Details:

30' and 40' lengths
10' width
Sloop Bottom

High Side Bin Details:

80 cubic metre capacity
3 and 4 sided
Sloop Bottom

Flare Tanks

8 cubic metres tank volume
Electronic ignition system
Flare and degasser lines
Transported to your site for easy installation (adjustable lines and compact size)

400 BBL Upright Tanks

Sloop bottom
Steam lines
Safety ladder with fall arrest (CSA Approved)
3" fill line
Multiple 4" valve connections
Insulated or uninsulated tanks

Waste Bins

300-600 bbl. capacity
4 walls

Screen Tanks

Invert mud recovery system by retention and drainage
2-3" pumps
Vibrator to help break surface tension
1 and 2 compartments

Fuel Tanks

Double walled
10,000 L single compartment capacity
4200 L single and double compartment capacity
3000 L3 tank