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Why Wrangler

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Why Wrangler?

Wrangler Rentals supplies quality rental equipment and highly skilled workers to your project site. But more than that, Wrangler maintains a strict focus on safety, providing only industry experienced operators and a commitment to fostering positive, professional relationships between our people and our clients. With a focus on track hoe excavator packages for drilling rigs combined with location and service capabilities throughout Canada, Wrangler Rentals is your trusted operations partner.

Safety & Commitment to Excellence

DSWD7696Wrangler Rentals remains committed to its customers and staff through provisions and standards of health, safety and environmental stewardship. We are proud holders of HSE certifications and we comply with the safety and health provisions outlined in the provinces we operate.

Our team carefully integrates safety record keeping, review and monitoring that leads our industry and ensures that our staff and customers enjoy working in safe, sound operating environments.

For more information about our Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship certifications, contact us.



Operator Expertise

DSWD7789Oilfield operations are filled with challenges. Our track hoe excavator operators are fully certified, but it’s the familiarity and preparedness for unexpected challenges that set Wrangler’s operators apart.

Our operators are seasoned experts in their areas, and you can expect nothing but professional, personal service that is focused on helping your operation function seamlessly.

Our People

DSWD3887We work hard to foster a positive, professional and customer-focused environment. As an oilfield equipment rental company, our staff put incredible energy into our products.

As a service company, our staff navigate the many areas of oilfield service. Balancing these two areas for some companies is a definite challenge, but Wrangler attracts professionals with a sense of duty to our profession as well as a focus on the future. These factors are what keep us growing as a company wherever we may operate.